[linux-audio-user] Linux Sampler Akai support

Emiliano Grilli emillo at libero.it
Fri Mar 24 10:57:09 EST 2006

venerdì, 24 marzo 2006 alle 15:11:40, Ismael Valladolid Torres ha scritto:
> I was seriously thinking of getting a cheap hardware sampler, given
> prices they are showing up on eBay currently. I only owned an Akai
> S2000 for a couple of hours in the past (seriously!) and obviously
> never got used to working with one of them.
> Of a hardware sampler I like the ability of tweaking programs while
> making them sound. It's the way to create bizarre sounds which is the
> utility that fancies me most from this instrument. On the opposite,
> software samplers usually requires you to load a separate application
> to create the programs from samples available as .wav files, something
> good for programming a realistic cello sound but not for using these
> shits as synthesizers.

You can't find precooked libraries for these, but have you tried
specimen and chionic? I tried chionic the last week and found it very
interesting, and full of  parameters for tweaking the sounds (internal
effects, envelopes, filters and so on - not to mention LADSPA)

> Anyway I am thinking of giving a try to Linux Sampler.
> I've always found strange that Linux Sampler focus on Giga
> support. There are lots of commercial Akai CD-ROMs and lots of
> soundfonts available on the net. I was simply wondering on how is the
> Akai support implemented in Linux Sampler. Does it read Akai CD-ROMs
> or some intermediate step converting samples is required?

I think akai supoprt is planned and the libraries for reading akai cds
are already written. As far as I know linuxsampler doesn't support yet
akai discs... :-/

> More widely, how are you open sourced people managing transfers of
> samples between formats (Akai and Giga to SF2 or DLS and such)? Few
> applications I remember in the past for Windows were not only closed
> source but also commercial and pretty expensive.
> Any answer very welcome.


Emiliano Grilli
Linux user #209089 

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