[linux-audio-user] I'm back with some music

perlanegra proyect perlanegra.proyect at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 16:10:52 EST 2006

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> This is good stuff.  When you say you made it with a groovebox, are you
> speaking of a roland? which model? i played around with a 505 for some
> months and never got anything that raw sounding out of it's little
> sample bank. i remember you could build your own patches and drumkits
> and it was rather flexable in that respect, but the process of designing
> your own sounds was long and complicated and required the owners manual
> and pressing shift something-or-other a bunch... in other words, how did
> you do it?
> impressed and curious,
> brian

Hey Bryan !! thanks a lot.. :)

the song is made with something newest than roland 505 ( I think ),
the groovebox is a small korg electribe (the smallest one, a Rmk-II ).
I think that is a mighty tool 4 sound creation because u have 4 parts
of synthesizer ( amazing 4 experimentation ), and a part of PCM sounds
( maybe some limited )... u can also connect external audio and module
it, but u need another sound source...

I've tested the MIDI implementation of a roland 303, and I can say
it's a nightmare to edit something there... maybe the electribe could
be more comfortable when u want to edit something at live because it's
very visual, and u can edit the steps on a very easy way...

...the rest is just anxiety and imagination...  :)

...thanks again... I hope to resolve your dudes with this...

...and remember to come back again 2 my blog 2 see more ill things...


... visit always  http://perlssdj.blogspot.com  4 cool stuff !!...

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