[linux-audio-user] regarding the 2nd Book Of Linux Music & Sound

David L. Craig dlc at radix.net
Wed Mar 29 06:52:35 EST 2006

On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 06:21:15AM -0500, Dave Phillips wrote:
>  1. Is there a real need for another book such as the The Book Of Linux 
> Music & Sound ?

I (and your publisher) think there is.  Indeed, I think the need is greater now than it was for the first edition.  I've been waiting a while now.

>  2. If so, would I be wise to ignore the 2.4 kernel series ? (It would 
> make it easier to ignore material re: OSS/Free)

I think so.  You can always refer people to the first edition with the
caveat that it is dated.

>  Btw, this is the last hurrah for this project. If I don't take it now 
> I won't be taking it on at all. I have a life, it's pretty full, and 
> committing to this edition would be a major disruption. I can guarantee 
> that it would be the last book I'll ever write.

Please, Dave.  You did such a great job with the first edition and I
can't think of anyone better suited and qualified to revise it.


May the LORD God bless you exceedingly abundantly!

Dave Craig

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