[LAU] questions about 'LENOVO 3000 N100'

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Fri Aug 17 11:20:55 EDT 2007

hi list,
finally i got to the point to convince my girlfriend to switch from win 
to linux, so i am looking now in the internet for a good-price-laptop 
for her.
since i am on ibm here and very happy with this, we are looking now for 
'lenovo 3000 n100' here:


(sorry the link is in german).

so the question i have is first about the processor:

Intel Core™ Duo für Mobile 
T2450 2x 2,0 GHz

does anyone can recommend this processor or is there someone who could 
say "don't get that!"
i have a celeronM here and that works pretty good for me, but i do not 
have any experience in setting up linux for dual-technologies.

another question is about the hd:

there is not specified which hd is build in, but it only makes 5400rpm.
should we expect any problems on a hd with that speed?

so in generally i would go for some hardware, where we can get ubuntu or 
sth similar installed, without too much problems. in the end the machine 
should be used for multimedia and some networking.

i am really looking forward for some answers on this!


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