[LAU] questions about 'LENOVO 3000 N100'

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Fri Aug 17 13:31:55 EDT 2007

Joshua D. Boyd wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-08-17 at 17:20 +0200, Dragan Noveski wrote:
>> hi list,
>> finally i got to the point to convince my girlfriend to switch from win 
>> to linux, so i am looking now in the internet for a good-price-laptop 
>> for her.
>> since i am on ibm here and very happy with this, we are looking now for 
>> 'lenovo 3000 n100' here:
>> http://www.notebooksbilliger.de/product_info.php/lenovo_3000_n100_megaaktion_1024mb
>> (sorry the link is in german).
>> so the question i have is first about the processor:
>> Intel Core™ Duo für Mobile 
>> <javascript:popupWindow('http://indigo.intel.com/Syndication/DistributeModule.aspx?a=165&m=133&l=6&ppc_cid=GF1_0165013306','infocontent','top=200,left=100,resizable=1,scrollbars=0,width=960,height=655');> 
>> T2450 2x 2,0 GHz
>> does anyone can recommend this processor or is there someone who could 
>> say "don't get that!"
>> i have a celeronM here and that works pretty good for me, but i do not 
>> have any experience in setting up linux for dual-technologies.
>> another question is about the hd:
>> there is not specified which hd is build in, but it only makes 5400rpm.
>> should we expect any problems on a hd with that speed?
>> so in generally i would go for some hardware, where we can get ubuntu or 
>> sth similar installed, without too much problems. in the end the machine 
>> should be used for multimedia and some networking.
>> i am really looking forward for some answers on this!
> I have a higher end version of the same notebook at work.  It hasn't
> been very nice to use with linux.  I can't get the firewire or wireless
> to work.  I can't get the power modes to work nicely.  Also, the
> construction isn't as nice as the Thinkpads, there are only two mouse
> buttons instead of three, and the display isn't as nice.  The previous
> work notebook was a Thinkpad R series, and it just worked perfectly.  It
> actually got more battery life from Linux than it did on Windows.  The
> reason I don't still have the Thinkpad R series is that it was stolen
> >from airport luggage.
joshua, this is exactly a feedback i wanted to have, since you are 
directly experienced with almost the same machine!
very much thanks for the comments - i think i will have a look at sth 
like thinkpad-r60..


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