[LAU] opinions on Ubuntu Studio?

Mysth-R mysthr21 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 06:06:17 EDT 2007

> My opinion is that if you need something really new stuff, you can build
> it very easily upon Ubuntu 7.04, all dev-libraries are in right places.

if I need something really new, I don't install Ubuntu  Studio ... I don't
want to pass my time  compiling, and searching last sources from my best

Sam Javor said :
"Personally, I don't need the latest and greatest... I need a computer that
will record audio tomorrow."

Sometime, last versions can offer some new stuff that you need. For exemple,
in Jackrack Ubuntu's version, the midi learn, is not implemented. Very
annoying, when you play in real time.
Ok I understand you want a stable system, but you have the choice to upgrade
or not your software.



{^_^} Mysth-R {^_^}

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