[LAU] two new tracks

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Sun Aug 19 08:05:31 EDT 2007

Fons Adriaensen wrote:

re: Twisted:

>Yes, it's a real vocal-chord-and-tongue-twister. Many singer would
>bring down the tempo a bit just to make it to the end.
That's exactly what Joni Mitchell did with the song. The best versions 
remain the original instrumental and Annie Ross's amazing version with 
Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross. Corin originally liked Mitchell's version, 
but she started to enjoy the LH&R version much more.

The tempo on this recording is ~170. She tried it at 180, it was fun but 
a little too fast. She nailed it though.

>The 'two heads' at the end could make a nice stereo effect, but
>maybe that's too obvious.
Maybe if she were centered in the stereo field, then "split" at the end ?

She loved the effect. She's new to this sort of thing... ;)

re: Don't Know Why

>And a nice voice. How did you record it (mic type, distance, ...) ?
Mic's a Shure SM58. Corin has a strong voice, so I have her stand about 
six to ten inches away from the mic when  she records.

The mic goes into an M-Audio preamp, then into the Delta 66 interface to 
the computer (and on into Ardour2).

>BTW, did you receive the two jconv reverbs (sent a week or two
>ago) ?
Yes, thank you very much. Alas, I've had no time to play with them. 
However, I do plan a review of convolution reverbs for Linux, so I will 
be testing those 'verbs soon.

As always, thanks for listening, Fons. I appreciate all comments, and 
I'll be sure to pass compliments on to Corin.



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