[LAU] Stream Box setup questions

Martin Wohlleben martin.wohlleben at gmx.de
Mon Aug 20 15:39:15 EDT 2007

On Mo, 2007-08-20 at 13:04 -0500, Matt Rockwell wrote:
> Greetings:
> I am seeking assistance with a couple of issues relating to my Ubuntu 
> server stream box.
>    1. I am currently running darkice to create a stream from a Delta1010
>       interface.  Is there a way to create additional streams from
>       additional inputs?  I have everything configured with ALSA for the
>       first stereo input pair, but I cannot figure out how to create
>       another stream from the second stereo pair.
>    2. I would like to configure a box with as little config as possible
>       to connect to a stream on boot and pass the audio to the audio
>       port.  I cannot find a command line util to do this, and I am not
>       sure how to configure something like this to automatically connect
>       on boot.
> My goal is to build a temporary (one year) backup Studio to Transmitter 
> link for our station.  We currently have a wireless lan connection to 
> campus because we are located off campus.  This existing configuration 
> bottlenecks at about 20 listeners with our Icecast2 server on the studio 
> end of the network.  New construction has blocked our microwave path and 
> reduced us to a POTS codec to feed our FM transmitter.
> We are about to move our microwave transmitter to a different building 
> on-campus and deliver the audio over the IP connection. At the same 
> time, I would like to move our Icecast2 relay box to the new on-campus 
> location to get the connecting traffic off of the wireless link.  If I 
> can, I would like to send a higher bandwidth stream for the microwave in 
> addition standard "low" and "high" .mp3 streams.  Right now, if I add 
> the higher bandwidth stream to the current darkice config, all streams 
> start to skip.  While I can drive everything off of one pair of analog 
> inputs on the Delta1010, I would like to use two seperate stereo pair so 
> that Emergency Alerts are not on the webstream feed.
> Any suggested configurations would be most helpful.  Thanks all.
> MattRock

Hi Matt,

did you try out oddcast with jack? It works really great for me with an
icecast 2 relay server. 

Just launch oddcast after starting the jack-server and specify the
channels you want to record from, e.g.: 

oddcastv3 -c <config file> alsa_pcm:capture_5 alsa_pcm:capture_6

to record from channel 5 and 6.

You can define stream quality,destination,mount point, ... in different
config files and I think it should be possible to run several instances
of oddcast from even the same input if you need this.

You can download oddcast from


For an automatic start you could write a small shell-script that's
executed at boot time to start jack and a little bit later the instances
of oddcast. 


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