[LAU] Maximum channel limit on jack clients 32 ?

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Mon Aug 20 16:13:51 EDT 2007


Maybe I just not a master googler, but I didnt find any answer why qjackctl 
limits  maximum of input or output channels to 32. Also PD has this limit 
compiled in and so on, but jackd starts with 64 channels with my MADI-card ?

Is there a technical reason or can I just remove the limits in the code ?
Its not so bad becaused I always used alsa-only before, but I just want give 
jack a try.

BTW, I also would suggest that if a limit is needed, it should be 256 channels 
(4 MADI-Cards) I thinks its the maximum you can do nowaday with linux, but if 
there is the rule of computer speed, so I can think, this count will double 
each 2 years, so to be save for next 4 years we need 1024 channels limit.

mfg winfried
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