[LAU] Hardware synths

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 06:08:37 EST 2007

lanas wrote:

>   OK, Linux synths are great.  And yes, if many ways they are.
> Although recently I got a M-Audio Prokeys88 and I swear the Warmpad
> sound in there does not have any equivalent in richness in what I've
> heard so far in Linux soft synths.

Don't agree.

I'm currently thinging hard about going back to my csound based linux 
soft setup. Last night I played a gig (pop/rock) with just my laptop, 
csound, 3 evolution usb keyboards and this setup really has alot of 
benefits over my old hardware setup + the sound is at least as good.

My (not so fantastic) hardware is Yamaha P60 stage piano, Roland JV-80 
and Alesis Micron. I also owned a bunch of other hardware synths 
including wavestations, sy77, alpha juno, Kawai K5, Korg EX8000.

The sound quality of csound is top notch, and it's very flexible.

peace, love & harmony

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