[LAU] Qsynth MIDI bug ? (was:MIDI data dump utility)

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Sat Dec 1 16:40:42 EST 2007

Le Samedi, 1 Décembre 2007 16:14:44 -0500,
lanas <lanas at securenet.net> a écrit :

  I got kmidimon to show MIDI data.  The funny thing is that data of
the following kind is shown, as per each pad hit on the Alesis Control
Pad (which is kind of like an Octapad):

53819,20:0,Note on,1,48,0
53817,20:0,Note on,1,48,127
53384,20:0,Note on,1,48,0
53383,20:0,Note on,1,48,127
45593,20:0,Note on,1,48,0
45592,20:0,Note on,1,48,127

  So that's looking quite allright for fixed velocity and should
produce a Qsynth sound on each note.  But it does not, even thoguh
Qsynth acknowledges the receiving of data by blinking its little green
light.  A sound is made from time to time, but not on each pad hit.  Is
this a fault with the Control Pad ?

  To verify this I simply connect the Control Pad to the M-Audio
Prokey88 keeyboard that has built-in sounds via MIDI out/in.  And
indeed, on each and every pad hit a sound is made.  Thus the Control
Pad is not at fault as it does send MIDI data properly.

  Is this now a bug with Linux ?  How come Qsynth receives all MIDI data
(as shown by kmidimon) but does not always emit a sound ?

  Is this somehow a fault with Qsynth ?  Let's try with 
Zynaddsubfx.  Surprisingly, Zynaddsubfx emits a sound for each and
every pad hit, even on drum stick rebounces.

  OK, let's try with Hydrogen.  It worls all right.  Each pas hit
generates a sound.

  Back to Qsynth.  Nope.  Same thing.  Only once in a while will a pad
hit generate a sound.  Strange.  Is this a bug with Qsynth or is there
a parameter to adjust ?  Otherwise, witha  MIDI keyboard Qsynth
performs very well, never had a problem.



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