[LAU] Qsynth MIDI bug ? (was:MIDI data dump utility)

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sat Dec 1 17:57:48 EST 2007


> Back to Qsynth.  Nope.  Same thing.  Only once in a while will a pad
> hit generate a sound.  Strange.  Is this a bug with Qsynth or is there
> a parameter to adjust ?  Otherwise, witha  MIDI keyboard Qsynth
> performs very well, never had a problem.


* You use a drum or percussion soundfont, right?
* Does the keyboard produce a sound on *any* key or only several?
* Do some pads never produce a sound, but others always?

I guess in the soundfont used, not all notes have a sound assigned (which is 
not a bug but a feature then :) .



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