[LAU] timidity and jack issues

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Tue Dec 4 18:11:17 EST 2007

  I use timidity with jack. It works. Has worked for quite a long time. I'm 
running jack 0.107.something and timidity 2.13.2.
  I call up timidity like this:
timidity -is -c /usr/local/share/timidity/sndfont.cfg -s 44100 -a -E wpvseToz 
-F -f -N newton=57 -V 1.661 -EFdelay,b,125 -EFreverb=G,32 -EFchorus=s,20 
-EFresamp=n -Oj
  jack_lsp shows:
  I don't know about qjackctl and I can't test for being blind and not able to 
use the GUI. But everything seems in order. Sound is nice and mostly xrunfree.
  this has worked on an old Su|SE 8.2 (heavily modified in the end) and now on 
Debian etch. My card is an MAudio delta 1010LT.
  Kindest regards

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