[LAU] [OT] gimp frustrations

thomas fisher studio1 at commspeed.net
Wed Dec 5 11:27:02 EST 2007

On Wednesday 05 December 2007 05:16:38 Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings:

> What would you use to do this ?
--------------------------------------------> GIMP <---------------------
> dp
1) Load the image you are editing.
2) Select the Text tool.
   This opens the text control panel.
      Which permits selection of font, size, etc.
      and a color bar. click on the color bar opens the color selection panel.
      Click in the narrow color bar selects the general color {red, blue ---}
      in the adjacent square color window appears the color chosen and a
      cross hair. Click anywhere in that window selects a tonality of the 
      color chosen, from very dark, in between to very very light. Click OK.
3) The color is chosen.  

Hope this helps.

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