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Bill White bill.white at griggsinst.com
Wed Dec 5 13:50:29 EST 2007

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The Akkana book says that the floating layers are artifacts of
a previous implementation strategy, which the Gimp developers
now believe was misguided.  They are thinking of removing the
floating layers completely, but apparently it's easier to say
than to do.  I believe, if memory serves, and why should it start
now, that she recommends always anchoring a floating layer right
away.  She also recommends making new layers for everything you
can think of.

Inkscape is also pretty simple and seems to work well for this
kind of simple image manipulation.  It's limited, but for simple
applications it seems to work well.

Arnold Krille wrote:
> But Chuck meant the floating layer in between steps (like after pasting 
> something from the clipboard). And he is right, as long as these aren't 
> pinned down to be either an independent layer or merged with another layer 
> (remember: Background is only a layer), you can't select or work with any 
> other layer.
> Arnold

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