[LAU] linux audio ready in 5 minutes - using which distro and interface?

thomas fisher studio1 at commspeed.net
Sat Dec 8 14:08:50 EST 2007

On Saturday 08 December 2007 05:02:53 hollunder at gmx.at wrote:
> Hi there,
> I just thought that it would be nice to be able to record anywhere
> without having a computer with you.
 Any ideas?
> Best regards
> 	Philipp Überbacher
 There is much between dream concept and viable functional application. The 
hardware, the software. We today take as ordinary that which of 60 years ago 
would have stupefied even the most alert. The Zoom H4 or H2 may be what you 
are dreaming of.  The real question may be the issues of resolution and 
control and price { 16, 24, 32 bit / 44.1, 48, 96, 192 khz}?  If we are 
talking about audio excellence then I tend to agree with Arnold Krille. For 
low budget take a look at:
  mikes-  http://www.cascademicrophones.com/cascade_FAT_HEAD_II.html
  I/O- firewire-  Edirol FA-101 or -66 
  64 bit Linux Laptop with firewire

  Knowledge- this web address
                   -  http://www.digido.com/bob-katz/index.php
                   -  http://www.dplay.com/   

And I know, that is too much money and it doesn't fit in my pocket.

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