[LAU] linux audio ready in 5 minutes - using which distro and interface?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Dec 9 13:06:06 EST 2007

hollunder at gmx.at hat gesagt: // hollunder at gmx.at wrote:

> Most don't qualify because I want a mic in without needing a preamp and
> midi as well.

I think, the UA-25 has preamps and phantom power.

> I haven't found the Alesis IO/2 on the usb or the alsa page, 

For USB cards, you're better off with the qbik.ch page.

> but it looks nice.  Others my search has turned up: tascam us-122l
> (http://www.tascam.com/details;9,15,69,14.html) and terratec phase
> 26
> (http://www.terratecproducer.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=6)
> which has only a jack connection for the mic..

The Phase 26 doesn't have preamps or phantom power for mics, you'd
need to use condenser mics with it. It's still a great card, though, I
have it myself.

And careful with the Tascams. Some of these require firmware to be
loaded, so make sure that's included with your live Linux CD/stick.

> They aren't the cheapest but around 200 is still fine for me and I'm
> gonna get me one and give the whole thing a try if I can decide on one.

The Phase 26 can be bought without the MS-Windows software for much
less (a wellknown large mailorder in Europe has it for 129,- and the
Alesis IO|2 for 139,-)

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