[LAU] Rosegarden 1.6.0 and Roland Sound Expansion Synths

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Mon Dec 10 05:54:15 EST 2007

On Sunday 09 December 2007 22:41, The Other wrote:
> When I try the Studio-> Manage Midi Devices ; I see the list of play
> devices.  I've seen the Rosegarden supplied .rgd files and how they
> will add a synth with all of the patch names supplied; but how do I
> create such a file for the M-OC1?
> I've tried my best guess and typed in the first bank of 128 names,
> found no way to save it, and lost the work.

From Manage MIDI Devices, click Banks... for the bank editor window (this is 
probably the window you typed the names into already), then enter the names, 
click Apply to put the changes into effect, and click Export... to save as 
a .rgd file.  You can reload that device by selecting the .rgd file in the 
import device dialog, and/or install it by hand to the same directory as the 
other .rgd files in the library.

The bank editor window in Rosegarden is buggy and painful to use, and it's 
been that way for far too long, but it does broadly work.

Note also that the .rgd format (like the .rg composition file format) is 
really just gzipped XML, so it's possible to hack the files by hand based on 
other existing files if so inclined.

> The first bank on the M-OC1 shows CC0: 80;  CC32:0.   The second bank
> shows CC0: 81; CC32:0.  How does that get encoded into the MSB, LSB,
> that Rosegarden uses? 

The CC0 value is the MSB, CC32 is the LSB.  So you have MSB=80 or 81 and 


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