[LAU] Rosegarden 1.6.0 and Roland Sound Expansion Synths

The Other sstubbs at shout.net
Mon Dec 10 09:15:14 EST 2007

Chris Cannam wrote:
> On Sunday 09 December 2007 22:41, The Other wrote:
>> When I try the Studio-> Manage Midi Devices ; I see the list of play
>> devices.  I've seen the Rosegarden supplied .rgd files and how they
>> will add a synth with all of the patch names supplied; but how do I
>> create such a file for the M-OC1?
>> I've tried my best guess and typed in the first bank of 128 names,
>> found no way to save it, and lost the work.
> From Manage MIDI Devices, click Banks... for the bank editor window (this is 
> probably the window you typed the names into already), then enter the names, 
> click Apply to put the changes into effect, and click Export... to save as 
> a .rgd file.  You can reload that device by selecting the .rgd file in the 
> import device dialog, and/or install it by hand to the same directory as the 
> other .rgd files in the library.
> The bank editor window in Rosegarden is buggy and painful to use, and it's 
> been that way for far too long, but it does broadly work.
> Note also that the .rgd format (like the .rg composition file format) is 
> really just gzipped XML, so it's possible to hack the files by hand based on 
> other existing files if so inclined.
>> The first bank on the M-OC1 shows CC0: 80;  CC32:0.   The second bank
>> shows CC0: 81; CC32:0.  How does that get encoded into the MSB, LSB,
>> that Rosegarden uses? 
> The CC0 value is the MSB, CC32 is the LSB.  So you have MSB=80 or 81 and 
> LSB=0.
> Chris
Thanks very much, Chris.

I never saw the Apply button.  The KDE panel at the bottom of the
screen was hiding it, and I couldn't resize the dialog window.

Moving my panel to the side allowed me to gain access to the Apply button.

Perhaps Apply should be a menu item for that dialog box?

Thanks again, Chris.

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