[LAU] Strange problems with Audacity

The Other sstubbs at shout.net
Sat Dec 15 12:08:39 EST 2007

Sebastian Tschöpel wrote:
> The ice1712 is the module for my Terratec Phase88/Envy24 Chipset soundcard
> which I successfully use all the time with any other audiosoftware on my 
> linux machine.

> I use the JAD kernel-rt-2.6.19-5.i586 Thats all I can say. 

Hello Sebastian,

I don't have the Terratec Phase88/Envy24 Chipset soundcard.  I have
the Audigy 2ZS.

I don't use the JAD kernel-rt-2.6.19-5 (have it available). I use the
base openSUSE 10.2 kernel and Audacity 1.2.4b-55 packages.
  This works without problems.  The newer Audacity package works in a
way I'm not comfortable with (in other words, the Audacity
1.3.4-2.pm.beta works, but I don't use it.)

May I suggest you return to the base openSUSE 10.2 kernel
and try your Audacity package.  On occasion, for reasons I've not
attempted to discover, the JAD kernel-rt-2.6.19-5 will lock up
openSUSE 10.2.  I'm waiting for the next JAD kernel to come out.


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