[LAU] Strange problems with Audacity

Sebastian Tschöpel tschoseb at tu-cottbus.de
Sun Dec 16 02:49:55 EST 2007

Hello Stephen,
Hello Edgar,

> May I suggest you return to the base openSUSE 10.2 kernel
> and try your Audacity package.  On occasion, for reasons I've not
> attempted to discover, the JAD kernel-rt-2.6.19-5 will lock up
> openSUSE 10.2.  I'm waiting for the next JAD kernel to come out.

I have another computer I work on, that is set up openSuse 10.2. I never
experienced problems using audacity with that distro. But the kernel
has no realtime capability.

What do you mean by "lock up" ?

 > If you refer to the new jacklab openSUSE-10.3 repo at ftp.gwdg.de, the
 > kernel-source package there was made because Novell/SUSE didn't 
supplied one,
 > and it is needed to build kernel modules (nvidia etc.). It exactly 
matches the
 > standard openSUSE 10.3 kernel-rt package.

openSuse 10.3 supplies a realtime kernel itself?

 > The 10.3 kernel-rt, recompiled for JAD with CONFIG_HZ=1000 can be 
found here:
 > http://people.jacklab.net/appleonkel/RPMS/, 32 and 64 bit.

I'm going to try that one out. Thanks for the link.

Best regards,


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