[LAU] [ANN] klick 0.5

Dominic Sacré dominic.sacre at gmx.de
Sun Dec 16 18:21:16 EST 2007

On Sunday 16 December 2007 21:13:56 Ken Restivo wrote:
> > I agree, a proper user interface is really needed. You shouldn't have to
> > restart the program just to change the tempo...
> > My own priority at the moment would be a GTK frontend, but I'll try to
> > make the command line version more "interactive" as well. Thanks for your
> > feedback, I'll keep you posted!
> I'd rather have it just take single key commands on stdin, like mplayer
> does.
> +/-  or right-arrow/left-arrow to step the tempo, for instance, / and * or
> up-arrow/down-arrow to raise and lower volume, etc.

That's the idea... In addition to the GUI, of course.

> Reading keys from stdin is dead simple and is in every first-semester C
> course. In fact, if klick was in C and not C++, I'd already have done it
> and submitted a patch. But OOP still seems alien to me, so after looking at
> the code I didn't see the obvious place to add the feature.

There is no obvious place to do it :)

I'm afraid it'll be a little more involved than that, because klick, as it is 
now, is entirely designed around tempo maps. They are loaded at startup, and 
not meant to be modified at runtime. So that will have to change, too...


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