[LAU] Command-line MIDI recorder that doesn't drift?

Robert Persson ireneshusband at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 10:57:50 EST 2007

Ken Restivo wrote:
> I've been using arecordmidi and it's giving me fits. Main problem is: it drifts!!
> If I fire up Hydrogen or klick or any kind of JACK transport accurate click track, and then play to it, and record the result using arecordmidi, and then play it back using aplaymidi, what I get starts out in sync with the metronome or drum machine, but then drifts, noticeably.
> What I'm not sure of, is which is drifting: arecordmidi or aplaymidi. Not sure how to determine this. But if there were a command-line MIDI recorder and player that was accurate to the JACK clock, I'd rather use that.
Hydrogen drifts. If the system is under heavy load it slows down.


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