[LAU] Re: Re: DAW usability

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Sat Jun 16 11:45:50 EDT 2007

Jan Depner:
>    I didn't say never complain.  I said quit whining.  I haven't seen a

No, you didn't. (none of your 4 points contained anything about 
complaining, at least not without whining in another place than 
this forum, whatever the point of doing that is). But its good to see that 
you might agree that complaining might be a good thing though...

> single post in this thread that had a single constructive piece of
> advice on how to correct the perceived problems with Ardour.  It is OK
> to tell them you are not satisfied with it but how about asking for
> specific fixes to specific problems?

No, there have been constructive posts here. Just look at Traverso, which 
was the start of this discussion. Traverso has many nice ideas. Thats 
constructive, and Thorsten also seemed to agree that a couple of things in 
traverso is very nice.

The impression I get from your (and some others) posts here though, is 
that if you say antyhing negative about ardour, someone will 
answer with large emotional posts how great ardour is. And thats _not_ 
constructive. But I agree, ardour is great, but I also think it could be 
much better, and I think people should be encouraged to say what they 
think about it and not be afraid of being flamed for doing so. I have a 
feeling there might be a little bit of group thinking going on here about 
ardour, and in case there is, thats _very bad_.

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