[LAU] Rosegarden, midi thru and stuck notes

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Sat Jun 23 14:47:33 EDT 2007

> Concerning the metronome bug, I have attached the KCrash backtrace. It seems 
> it's only the display problem..do I need particular fonts to display 
> metronome window?

Did you say you were using SuSE?

Can you use the notation editor in RG?

The metronome window has notes in it, and SuSE 
10.whatever-it-is ships with a version of Freetype 
that hangs when rendering RG's notation font.

If this is the problem, search the Rosegarden 
trackers for SuSE notation hang (or similar) for 
details and a fix (to the platform library, not to RG). 


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