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Chuckk Hubbard badmuthahubbard at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 03:16:03 EDT 2007

On 6/24/07, Free Ekanayaka <free.ekanayaka at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Chuckk,
> |--==> Chuckk Hubbard writes:
>   CH> Hi Dave and everyone.  I am still wrestling with this.  I have the
> new ALSA
>   CH> driver that supports my card, finally, but under 64studio I still
> get
>   CH> 20-some xruns a second, and Audacity is unable to connect to jackd.
>   CH> PortAudio appears for a split second in the jack connection dialog,
> and
>   CH> disappears.  Some of you told me 64studio was preconfigured for
> low-latency
>   CH> audio out of the "box" and all the apps were tuned to the distro,
> but it
>   CH> doesn't seem to work that way for me.
> What version of 64 Studio are you using? The official latest 1.0
> stable release, could be out of date with respect to new hardware. You
> may want to try the 1.4.0 testing release
> http://www.64studio.com/node/1
> and do a network upgrade against the testing repository (see the file
> in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/64studio.list) to get the very latest
> kernel (2.6.21-rt17)
Hi Free, thanks for the suggestion.  I was told by an ALSA developer a while
back that I'd need 1.0.14.  It didn't work at the time, but after I
recompiled with a 2.6.21 kernel patched up to 2.6.22 it was in there.  I'll
run the commands Mark gave me and provide some more info...
Glad to see there's a testing version!


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