[linux-audio-user] What purpose does this list serve?

Greg Wilder gregwilder at gregwilder.com
Thu Mar 1 11:52:59 EST 2007

Between the repeated calls to see a clone of Ableton on Linux, machismo 
arguments about the finer points of DSP theory, and the overzealous ego 
stroking of "I wanna sound like my favorite band, but I don't play well 
enough..." amateur musicians - what purpose does this list serve?

Shouldn't this be a place to explore serious Linux-related musical topics that 
look to the wealth of unique and versatile Linux-based tools...  How best to 
incorporate "live" web resources in a GNU/Linux powered installation?  
What "AI" tools are available to aid in the design of an intelligent 
improvising partner?  Which application/design solutions work best for 
interactive sound design?  What's the future of ambisonic audio 
looking/sounding like?  

Casually glancing over the Linux Audio Conference schedule provides numerous 
interesting thread topics: Livecoding with SuperCollider, Music Composition 
through Spectral Modeling Synthesis and Pure Data, Interfacing Pure Data with 
Faust, Python for Sound Manipulation, Stereo, Multichannel and Binaural Sound 
Spatialization in Pure-Data, A Tetrahedral Microphone Processor for Ambisonic 
Recording, Visual prototyping of audio applications (CLAM), and the list goes 
on and on...

"When will someone produce a chart-topping hit with Ardour" is _not_ a serious 
or productive topic and has _nothing_ to do with the reality of the industry.  
If you wanna learn how squeeze more "thump" outta your woofers or get 
more "pop" from your tweeters, why not visit a relevant forum - there are 
many to choose from...

I'm sure I'm in the minority on this, but I'd like to see a show of hands - 
how many of you are lurking on this list with the faint hope that some tiny 
(but usefull) bit of information might just drop from the sky?

Despite my sarcastic tone, these comments are not meant to be destructive.  I 
hope they might be a wake up call to a community that deserves better.

Bombs away...


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