[linux-audio-user] ¿La revolución informática realmente revolucionará la música? Linux Audio Conference 2007

Marcos Guglielmetti marcospcmusica at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 13:31:59 EDT 2007

El Jue 29 Mar 2007 10:39, Marc-Olivier Barre escribió:
 | On 3/29/07, Marcos Guglielmetti <marcospcmusica at gmail.com> wrote:
 | > En este artículo presento una _crítica_ a las exageradas esperanzas
 | > puestas en la informática relacionada con el futuro de la música en
 | > cuanto a su poder revolucionario.
 | >
 | > (http://www.mastermagazine.info/articulo/11483.php)
 | >
 | > GNU/Linux Audio Conference en Berlín
 | > 28/03/2007
 | > Autor: (marcos) Marcos Guglielmetti
 | >
 | > Los músicos aparentemente están revolucionando la música electrónica con
 | > programas y con instrumentos realizados por ellos mismos.
 | Hi Marcos,
 | Though it is a very good idea to have a copy of your article posted on
 | the list, it is a shame that most of us will not be able to understand
 | it. Could you provide us with some insight ? 

Yes I could, but: it's no so brilliant... ok... and my english is not good 

It is a criticize to some optimistic words on this article:


So I am asking

* Could the computing revolution really revolutionize the music?

And I think:

* The noise music tendency into LAC maybe it's just like a copy of the urban 
noise from the downtown's big cities: why you should make noise?

and many more thing, but it's too difficult for me to write those things...

* I think that Free Software, as in freedom, gives you a potential total 
control over the machines, so: why you should let the machines such power of 
creativeness? it's like playing the game of the industrial society, and the 
alienation of the workers.

 | I'm not asking for a full 
 | translation, only a summary of the headlines (if you have some spare
 | time of course).
 | Thanks again for your post, and for this article.
 | Regards,
 | __________________
 | Marc-Olivier Barre,
 | Markinoko.

Thanks you ! Maybe a google traslation could help...


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