[LAU] How much does my new SB Extigy suck and why?

Bearcat M. Sandor HomeTheater at feline-soul.com
Thu Sep 6 17:34:07 EDT 2007


The 2 master sliders are strange. They seem to both adjust the volume, bu
tone of them does so in finer increments then the other.

As far as the 48khz goes it does seem that clipping was what i was hearing
(hence the uncomfortable sound) and resampling does alleviate that. I
wonder if it's possible to up-sample the bitrate too, so that i am going
from 16/44.1 to 24/48.

As far as the Tascam goes, i'd say give it to your friend. I need stable
inputs for Mythtv. Thank you for the offer though.

Bearcat M. Sandor

> Am Donnerstag, 6. September 2007 schrieb Bearcat M. Sandor:
>> Strange that they'd use one set of drivers for the front and rear.
> That is not strange: By using the AC97 they get a completely(?) developed
> product with all the compatibility (= Lots of features and benefits for
> less
> cost). They just extend it with their own features by adding their emu10k1
> on
> the board.
>> Huh.  I
>> try to keep my volume down at those levels too and it does seem to make
>> a
>> difference.
> I really think its some clipping happening because of the resampling...
> Sometimes (before my good devices) I mastered in 48kHz and all sounded
> well.
> Downsampling to 44.1kHz for CD gave me horrible high noise/distortion on
> rehearsal at the same volume which made me check the 48kHz material (which
> was okay).
>> Can you explain why we seem to have 2 "Master" sliders and 2 "Line-In"
>> sliders?
> I have even more "Line-In"s because of the livedrive :-)
>> I donno why i sounds better this time, but hearing is *so* based on
>> expectations.  It's not great, but it will do till i can afford
>> something
>> better.  I wonder how much better the M-Audo Audiophile sounds?
> Well, the Audiophile should give you another step in quality...
>> As far as your Tascam goes i might consider that. How much do you want
>> for
>> it and how much higher is the sound quality? All i need is stereo out +
>> line-in for mythtv.
> Hm, the tascam has stereo in and out. The only problem with (my) Tascam is
> that the input-amplifiers break regularly. And of course the
> warranty-timespan is over and one input-preamp is broken again. So the
> first
> channel can only be used from the insert-point on.
> Where do you live and what do you want to pay for a (half- / third-)
> broken
> Tascam?
> I am not yet confident with the thought of selling it because the firepod
> in
> its rack is much harder to transport and doesn't allow for
> field-recordings
> just with the laptop. But maybe I lend/sell the tascam to a friend who
> plays
> guitar and might be interested in using linux (and a pc) as
> effect-stack...
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