[LAU] [ANN] JAD 1.0 officially released

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Mon Sep 17 05:24:39 EDT 2007

david wrote:

> Yah, I could burn a SuSE CD and install that, then upgrade the packages. 
> Thanks for the idea. Just what I need - (YALAD) Yet Another Linux Audio 
> Distro throing it's hat into the ring. I wonder how it compares to 
> pure:bolic, dyne:bolic, Musix, Ubuntu Studio, Studio64, 

It's '64 Studio' btw.

or what other's
> I forgot to include?
> I do sometimes wish the developers would all get together

That's roughly what we're all doing on this list. (or LAD anyway)

  and focus on
> one distro and finish making the applications work right ... ;-)

It's never going to happen due to the laws of statistical probability. 
How many plants do you know that concentrate all their energy into 
growing one long stalk? There are fundamental disagreements of approach, 
which are not going to get resolved. The most obvious that comes to mind 
is: do we stroke the furry hooves of VST support or persevere with the 
limitations of LADSPA? You will notice that the major distros (Debian; 
SuSE; RedHat; Gentoo &c.) have sub-distros to a greater or lesser 
extent. It is logical that there will be as many Audio sub-distros too.

JAD isn't just YALAD. Most of the distros you mention are Debian based, 
for a start. Some people actually _like_ KDE/E11t on their desktop, they 
_want_ their OS to roll over and wave its legs in the air every time a 
proprietary plug-in comes along. I'll just be glad not to have to field 
comments from people who think that Debian is somehow broken because it 
doesn't do this.

We all get different itches, hence the wide variety of scratching 
devices. Some people even like to collect them all! YMWV

Sometimes I wonder whether we all just need a liver cleanse. ;)



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