[LAU] getting jack 0.107 working with cclients compiled against earlier versions

Lars Luthman lars.luthman at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 09:22:44 EDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-09-25 at 01:47 -0700, Robert Persson wrote:
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> I have just built jack 0.107 from svn. I had to install it over the
> jack installed from the ubuntu repository, which made me a bit
> uncomfortable, but it got Ingen working, and it should get the latest
> ardour from svn working with its midi editor, so I could live with
> that. It broke qjackctl, but that gave me the opportunity to build a
> newer version with jack midi support, so I could live with that too.
> However it seems to have broken a whole lot of other jack apps, such
> as hydrogen and alsaplayer, and I definitely can't live with that.
> Is there a way to get 0.107 working with clients compiled against
> older versions of jack?
> Failing that, would I be able to get all these apps to work again
> against the new version of jack if  I simply build my own packages
> from source debs, or would I run into further trouble?

What JACK package did you have installed? Older ones change the libjack
name to libjack-0.100.0, which all your packaged JACK programs would be
linked against, so the packaged JACK clients and the clients that you've
built yourself will use different libraries (which is not good, since
they may use different binary protocols to talk to jackd).

The way I do this is to build JACK from source (with --prefix=/usr),
install it over the packaged version, remove all files that start
with /usr/lib/libjack-0.100.0* and then
link /usr/lib/libjack-0.100.0.so.0 to /usr/lib/libjack.so. This way all
JACK clients will link to the same library, and as long as they use the
same library API that should work (although the library API changes
sometimes too).

More recent JACK packages for Debian (and I think Ubuntu) don't change
the library name, so you shouldn't have to do those steps in the future.

There are probably cleaner ways of doing this using APT magic, but I
haven't had any problems with this approach so far.

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