[LAU] howto: making drums (hydrogen/ rosegarden doc)

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>     Hi,
>     Do you use hydrogen or midi to make drum parts for your songs?
>     Are there nice drum hydrogen files available? where?
>     Are there nice drum midi files available? Where?
>     I'm looking for a howto to make nice drum parts in midi 
> (rosegarden) and/ or
>     hydrogen. Is there a good tutorial on the internet somewhere?
>     Thanks in advance,
>     Dirk
>     ------------------------------
> This is my work flow for the drum parts:
> I export to midi file the hydrogen song. Then I merge it in Rosegarden 
> and have it as a single midi track.
> I write the drum parts in Hydrogen because as a sequencer is much more 
> user-friendly than Rosegarden. But then I use the more flexible midi 
> file in Rosegarden where I can change the tempo for different parts.
> Then, if you like the chosen drumkit in Hydrogen you can use it as a 
> synthesizer as the playback midi device. Or else you can use qsynth or 
> Linuxsampler to play the midi song, but in this case you may have to 
> rearrange the list of instruments in the pattern editor of Hydrogen 
> which is very easy anyway.
A few minuts old: 

a tutorial for using Rosegarden with Hydrogen by D. Michael McIntyre.


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