[LAU] Delta66 problem... solved!!

Raphael Bollen raphael.bollen at ampcobelgium.be
Fri Apr 11 03:53:03 EDT 2008

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> Van: Jorge
> Verzonden: vrijdag 11 april 2008 2:16
> Aan: linux-audio-user at lists.linuxaudio.org
> Onderwerp: [LAU] Delta66 problem... solved!!
> Hi!
> Well, first of all, thanks very much to Asmo Koskinen, 
> Arthur, Paul Coccoli, 
> Florian Schmidt and Raphael Bollen for the replies! (sorry if 
> I forgot 
> anyone) :)
> I identified the problem at last, and even better, I got a "partial" 
> solution!! :D
> Raphael Bollen pointed exactly where my problem was: my Delta66 is a 
> new 'revision E', which has changed a chip on it, and the 
> actual alsa driver 
> ice1712 couldn't manage it correctly (no output sound, and no 
> input signal).
> The bug is well explained here (more users with exactly the 
> same issue):
> https://bugtrack.alsa-project.org/alsa-bug/view.php?id=3327
> Now, there is not a fixed driver for this, BUT, <maligor> 
> from #alsa at 
> freenode helped me to make the kernel load the driver from 
> another card: the 
> VX442 driver, and the result is that I have analog I/O on my 
> 4 I/O, and all 
> the routing, etc works as expected :)

Hi Jorge,

Glad to hear this. How did you do this exactly, I tried to add this option to the module:
options snd_ice1712 model=vx442 
but it did not work for me :-(
Did you do something else to have it working?

> I have only the 2 I/O S/PDIF disabled now, but I can wait 
> until an apropiate 
> fix is out (I don't use them really)...
> ...So I'm the happiest man in the world now ;)

waouw :-)


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