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> > I was wondering, is there information available to learn putting those
> > beats into notation? What 'symbol' belongs to the bass, hi-hat etc.
> > Is there information on the internet about it? Or does someone knows a
> > other method (good book) for it?
> >
> > And how easy is it to match the notes with a drumkit in for example
> > hydrogen? I think it should possible to play the drum score in
> > Rosegarden with Hydrogen as a synth..
> >
> Sure there is!
> Here's an introduction to drum notation:
> http://www.drums-and-drum-sets.com/drum-notation.php
> And the Lilypond documentation has a nice overview of which "pitch" maps
> to what drum in different notation styles:
> http://lilypond.org/doc/v2.10/Documentation/user/lilypond/Percussion-staves#Percussion-staves
> When it comes to drums and MIDI you have a choice of drum maps (which note
> maps to what drum) either standard GM drum map, the nifty MC505 map or some
> custom map (because every drum kit is different and MIDI should be regarded
> as "recorded performances" and not as "notation" -- although most maps is
> usually compatible when it comes to basic kick, snare and hihat).

Maybe I should add that no standardized drum notation exists, different
copyists/publishers/musicians use slightly different styles even if they
look very much the same. The "pitch" for kick, snare and hihat are usually
the same while the way different cymbals and toms are notated differ. E.g.
most drum books contain a legend explaining the notation style used, which
is always a good idea if notation will be read by someone else than the

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