[LAU] freebob and fedora 9 CCRMA

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Sun Aug 3 07:36:13 EDT 2008

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I have a multitude of issues with freebob on several computers/distros.
Here I only want to ask for help with FC9 plus CCRMA:

I have a VIA-FW-Controller on a PCI-Card in a AMD64-box. Connecting my
Presonus Firebox to this sometimes works flawlessly and I had sessions
for several hours in 64Studio 2.1 on this box.

But alas: in 4 out of 5 cases the box does not invoke the ieee1395:
raw1394 raw device initialisation.
tail -f /var/log/messages shows up stuff like "recieved ... during reset
ignoring" and does nothing.

On FC9 with CCRMA-Kernel the best it does is:
"Error parsing configrom for node 0-00:1023"

Then I get the beloved message:

"ieee1394: raw1394: /dev/raw1394 device initialized"

BUT: only /dev/raw1394 exists, ieee1394 does not. Thus jackd dies as
freebob tries to initialize the driver backend.

I noticed also, that a dv1394 Device is created, which I have not seen
for some time now...

Please consider to unlist the following causes for that:

1.) permissions: all is set properly I have good success with the same
setup in 64Studio

2.) presonus-trouble: the box works OK (see above) I tried it both
host-powered and with the power-supply attached to the box...

Waht really makes me nervous is, that the VIA-Controller I use is named
second-best next to TI-chips on the FFado-page whereas a O2 Micro I use
with acceptable success on my notebook is branded as worst of the barely
working (this chip  *never* failed to initialize the firebox at least...)

So what can I do?
I have a recommended FW-Controller and a working interface but FC9 still
fails me ...


best regards
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