[LAU] Crackling but no XRUNS?

hollunder at gmx.at hollunder at gmx.at
Mon Aug 4 14:42:39 EDT 2008

On Mon, 4 Aug 2008 12:20:10 -0600
"holotone at gmail.com" <holotone at gmail.com> wrote:

> Well, curses! Suppose it's not too important as I'm moving my
> synthesizing over to a hardware based solution (Chimera bC16) pretty
> soon here anyhow. As long as SooperLooper, Ardour, Hydrogen, and
> Patchage work, I'm golden.
> Thanks for the info!
> As a side note, anyone know why the list is set up with the message
> sender as the reply-to instead of the list address?
> ~holotone
> http://holotone.net/

Strangely enough it works for me just how it should, here as well as on
other lists. I think I read some time ago that google does something
I don't really know anything about that stuff tough.
The only time when I get problems is when the sender sends to me
instead of the list and only adds the list in a second 'to' or 'cc'.

oh, and when we are at the topic, please consider to post at the bottom
in future, it's the convention on every list I know of.

Best Regards,

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