[LAU] Crackling but no XRUNS?

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Mon Aug 4 15:01:28 EDT 2008

On Mon, 4 Aug 2008 12:20:10 -0600
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> Well, curses! Suppose it's not too important as I'm moving my synthesizing
> over to a hardware based solution (Chimera bC16) pretty soon here anyhow. As
> long as SooperLooper, Ardour, Hydrogen, and Patchage work, I'm golden.
> Thanks for the info!

It works very well in a studio setting if you are careful. While
developing your voice patch set grit your teeth :) then save the
entire parameter file.

In an actual recording, don't make changes while it is playing.
Shutdown and restart Zyn every time you change parameter set.

I have it on 64studio and my desktop is configured to start Zyn and
load in any parameter file I click on (did you know you can have
multiple instances running)

It is such a beautiful synth it is worth the effort.

For example http://www.musically.me.uk/music/Sad_Angel.ogg is 100% Zyn.
As is  http://www.musically.me.uk/music/Runaway_Train.ogg (apart from
the percussion.

Oops, I recently said I wasn't posting any more music on here <grin>

Will J Godfrey

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