[LAU] Trying to get rid of xruns

Matthew Smith matt at smiffytech.com
Mon Aug 4 18:36:50 EDT 2008


Thanks for your response.

> Looking at your /proc/interrupts it appears that your sound card
> ( HDA intel ? ) is sharing an interrupt with a usb port.
> It really it needs one to itself.

Yep, that's HDA Intel.  I only use the internal card as somewhere to
plug in my headphones - think I might take the driver out of the kernel
and just use my external Behringer USB card.

> Assuming your system uses grub bootloader, as root-user edit the file
> /boot/grub/menu.lst and add the following to the kernel line ( try one 
> at a time and then both ) :
> 	acpi=off
This, unfortunately, is not an option for me :(  I have to run ACPI in
able to get the system fan to run at full speed - if it doesn't, the
whole machine freezes up after about 20 minutes (or less) run time due
to what I suspect is the GPU overheating.  I'm beginning to seriously
regret getting this ThinkPad - Lenovo is ruining them; should have stuck
to Toshiba...



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