[LAU] Keychord/Chordfind (was Re: Difference F7 and Fmaj)

peder at musikhuset.org peder at musikhuset.org
Tue Aug 5 02:12:59 EDT 2008

Quoting rosea grammostola <rosea.grammostola at gmail.com>:

>> > -- Brett
>> ...and since this was a pretty basic question let me focus on just one
>> difference between the two chords:  the half-step between the dominant 7
>> and the major 7.
>> The word major in that chord's name indicates that the seventh note in
>> the scale is raised a half-step over the same chord without that
>> designation in the name.  Same applies with a Major 9th chord - the
>> seventh is again a half-step higher than in a plain 9th
>> Frank
>> Thanks! I guess this is why I posted this question on this list :)
> *me = walking back to his 'piano' to hit some keys...

These are two excelent sites to show you chords on piano and guitar  
http://keychord.com/ and http://chordfind.com/

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