[LAU] zoom h2

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Aug 9 02:07:00 EDT 2008

Ken Restivo a écrit :

> I've been using the H2 to record live shows, but with the internal
> SD card. Sometimes shows go longer than 2GB worth of flash at
> 44.1/16, so I'll try just using it as a mic and doing the recording
> onto a laptop hard disk instead.

h2 works great with 4Gb sd cards (and probably with 8 or 16). The 
manual say that records bigger than 2Gb will be split in several files

the main h2 problem is that it's not very directive. I do mostly live 
local takes and I need often a shotgun, in that case a stereo videomic 
is a good option (but double the price)



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