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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
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Grammostola Rosea wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to learn to play piano. I have learned 'Let it be' from The 
> Beatles. What are more good popular music songs for beginner pianist? 
> And are those sheets available on the internet?

Beginner questions are the hardest to answer.. I assume you can read
sheets, so let me have a go: I also learned playing piano with the
Beatles. They're very good to understand harmonic progressions. and it's
easy to get enthusiastic about their songs - yesterday is melodic moll
with lots of "quart-sext vorhalt" (german translation) ; just put your
fingers on the keys and it will become obvious.. well kind of ;)

You may get a "Beatles-complete for piano" used-edition cheap on amazon.
If you're into jazz get the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_Book .
or otherwise the "Blue-Album 76-70" (ISBN 0-7119-3618-8) - Books or
Sheets are always worth the investment and there's a couple of 1
euro/sheet online antiquariat/bookshops; but that's a different story:
[insert copyright anecdote here]. Some works are avaiable via MIDI-file
detour which one can convert and print for private use. However proper
sheets and a piano teachers are just not replaceable..

"just play anything you can get your hands on" - I don't know whom I'm
quoting but it was a surely a wise, great and busy musician.

Even to play modern rock/pop songs a classical education is never a
miss: Mozart's Moonlight sonata or Beethoven's "Fuer Elise" both of
which you can /google/  may be a challenge. Here's a no-brainer:

For "pop/rock" piano, I liked Tom Waits songs a lot; you can scrape
chord ideas from various guitar-tabs around the net and just listen to
the songs for the rest. There's also piano version of "I am the walrus"
on the "Million Dollar Hotel" soundtrack that really sucked me in back then.

If you're interested in sharing sheets or tutorials on your piano quest
with other LAUs ,  have a preview at our upcoming wiki:
and contact me on LAD or off-list.

May I ask how you play the piano? Are you using sf2 sound-fonts on
qsynth with a midi keyboard? or dssi-synth with jack-midi ? or a plain
old /analog/ piano?

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