[LAU] Patching linux

Matthew Smith matt at smiffytech.com
Thu Aug 21 06:10:20 EDT 2008

Hi Julien

>    I'm trying to patch the linux kernel version with the rt-patch. But 
> there's only a patch for 2.6.26. It's not working very well. Because some 
> changes were already taken into the kernel. Which command should I use to do 
> the patch properly. Or should I stop patching all together? Or is there another 
> experimental place to get newer rt-patches.

I had this all bookmarked a couple of weeks ago, but deleted them when I 
got my system working :(

The easiest way to get your kernel patched correctly is to use ketchup - 
not the regular ketchup, but one that understands the RT patches.

Here's the RT-aware ketchup:


Have a read of the RT wiki:


RT patches:


I think you are right - there doesn't appear to be a patch against yet; I would advise that you get ketchup to build you 
2.6.23-rt1 to start with.

You would probably benefit from joining the linux-rt-users mailing list 
(I did!).  Details on at vger.kernel.org:


Hope this helps!



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