[LAU] Patching linux

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Thu Aug 21 06:51:40 EDT 2008

I got ketchup now, but it fails. I proceeded like this:
downloaded linux-2.6.26 and patch-2.6.26-rt1.
   Unpacked the kernel and patched it with rt.
   Then in the linux-2.6.26 dir I typed:
   It downloaded some signature files and tried to verify them. Then it finally 
download http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/v2.6/patch-
   And failed, because it couldn't find this file. Shouldn't it be looking for 
a .bz2 file. It says so somewhere in the code, as far as I'm able to read it.
   any help/hints on this?
   Kindest regards

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