[LAU] programms halt computer?

sh0099 sh0099 at gmx.de
Fri Aug 22 11:55:11 EDT 2008

i ask already on another list what the reason could be that my computer 
blocks some times.
the only answer was that it could be the graphic chipset driver.
could this be? could this be the only reason?


psycho schrieb:
 > I had some problems lke this too
 > i've solved this with install of envyng drivers for my video card 
(nvidia 6100)
 > i hope this can help ;-)

sh0099 schrieb:
 > i have the problem with ubuntu studio 8.04 with rt kernel and a
 > limits.conf of
 > @audio - rtprio 99
 > @audio - memlock 750000
 > @audio - nice -10
 > with 1.5gb ram 1.4ghz pentium mobil
 > ati radeon 9000 mobil
 > sometimes programs like ardour or on supercollider block the whole 
 > so that i have any access any more and must reboot.
 > is there any configuration i can change to avoid this?
 > thanks
 > olaf

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