[LAU] Using all four tracks on the M-Audio Fast Track Pro?

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Fri Aug 22 12:58:21 EDT 2008

I have an M-Audio Fast Track Pro, and it works great
for recording in stereo with Audacity.  (my setup:
http://www.linuxworld.com/community/?q=node/1740 )

Now I need a couple more channels.  I've done web
searches for every mention I can find of this box
with Linux, and I don't see any examples of anyone
recording more than just stereo.  Anyone able to see
four tracks?

Don Marti                                               +1 415-734-7913 mobile
dmarti at zgp.org         Linux device driver unconference: http://freedomhec.org/ 

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