[LAU] native linux vsts (esp glitch)

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Sun Aug 24 07:34:24 EDT 2008

Atte André Jensen wrote:
> 1) What would must-haves native-linux vsts (I have freeverb, the mda's 
> and the loser-plugins + a few more)?
The pizmidi set is excellent. The MDA stuff includes some nice plugs, 
and be sure to look at the ports done by Lucio Asnaghi.


> 2) I contacted the author of glitch (http://illformed.org/blog/glitch/), 
> which seems like a really cool tool, asking if was interested in 
> providing a linux version of glitch. Can anything in general be said 
> regarding how hard it would be to supply a linux version? I guess it's 
> not only a matter of under compiling, right? I'm willing to help as much 
> as I can, but my programming is no that great, are others interesting in 
> helping, for instance by porting glitch, should the developer be willing 
> to play along.
While I applaud the work of anyone porting Windows VSTs to a Linux VST 
format, I'd really like to see those plugs (and many others) get ported 
to LV2.

You should write directly to Lucio, he's done this kind of thing already 
and can give you more technical advice.

> 3) I know there are some non-free issues with vsts, but what exactly are 
> those, and provided I'm right in assuming that the linux audio (dev) 
> community has a negative attitude vsts, what would the main arguments 
> against it be?
Quite above & beyond any technical dissatisfaction there's the license 
issue. Steinberg's SDK is not compatible with FOSS licenses, and it's a 
real show-stopper. While it doesn't appear that Steinberg & Co. are 
preparing a massive "cease & desist" campaign, that doesn't fix the issue.
> 4) Anyone here using vsts (both native and windows)? If so how do you 
> use them, in which hosts, and with which benefits/problems? Who do you 
> use them over dssi or ladspa alternatives?
Natively, the pizmidi plugs have no Linux equivalent. MIDI development 
in Linux is not very healthy at the moment. The MDA JX plugin is another 
favorite here. I run those plugins in Lucio's excellent JOST system.

I don't use many native Windows plugs, but when I do they tend to be the 
Luxonix LFX-1310 multifx processor, the Crystal synth, the 4ormulator 
vocoder, and maybe a very few others. Occasionally I use the SIR 
convolution reverb.

However, I don't use much processing at all, so most of my work with 
VST/VSTi plugs (Linux or Windows) tends to be experimental more than 
productive. I do like the variety of VSTi plugins, it would be nice to 
have such a variety of synths for Linux.

> Looking forward to hearing from you!


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