[LAU] Playing lilypond midi drum files with synth/sampler

Philippe Hezaine philippe.hezaine at free.fr
Sun Aug 24 16:50:19 EDT 2008

Philippe Hezaine a écrit :
> Grammostola Rosea a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I want to write drum score in lilypond, export it to midi and play that 
>> with a sequencer.
>> Which programs are the best for this? Muse, Rosegarden, Qtractor? 
>> Linuxsampler (gigedit) or specimen?
>> How does the mapping work? The sequencers do use standard midi 
>> percussion maps...(?)
>> Here is one: http://www.midistudio.com/Help/GMSpecs_PercMap.htm
>> Key 35 is that key 35 on a 88 keys piano from left to right?
>> so key 35 is G3?
>> Thanks in advance,
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> I forward to the list the previous question you send me in a private mail:
>> Hi,
>> I like to write drums in Lilypond. But how can I play it with 
> for example hydrogen? How do I match a hi-hat in the score with
> a hi-hat in the drummachine? How do you do it?
>> Thanks in advance,
> Hi,
> I'll answer to you, but wait a moment, i'm in a hurry for now.
> (And also my English takes quite a while)


Like you can know, Timidity has a basic mapping of 47 notes
- 46 if we count the two kicks: Acoustic Bass Drum (bda) and
BassDrum1 (bd) for one - which follows (I think) the General Midi
For Hydrogen there are only 32 notes available in a drumkit
which begin from c1 to a4 (I'm not sure if I recall right)
Well. Now you have started Hydrogen.
And then Rosegarden for instance.
You have checked out your connections in qjackctl (Alsa and audio)
for me  in Alsa
  3:out1-General MIDI Device -> Hydrogen Midi-in
	in Audio
  Hydrogen Out_L and Out_R -> system

and don't forget in the Hydrogen's pattern editor to press the
little icon - a red 0 in the middle of panel RECORDING - it becomes
completely red.
Start your Lilypond file. You listen to your file.
But depending of your midi file and your drumkit you are surprised with 
the result.
Yeah! Sometimes it's funny.
Because there isn't a whole correspondence beetween the General Midi of
your Lilypond midi file and the Hydrogen drumkit.

If you're interested I've made a drumkit in two parts (in fact 2
drumkits ) for Timidity
Timidity-part1 = 32 notes
Timidity-part2 = 14 remaining notes
and a conversion of the timidity's samples in wav.
It's a good start before you improve the quality of the samples.
I assume you know how to install a drumkit.
I'll can put them on my site for some days. (~7 Mo)

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