[LAU] Playing lilypond midi drum files with synth/sampler

Grammostola Rosea rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 04:29:27 EDT 2008

Philippe Hezaine wrote:
> Hi,
> Like you can know, Timidity has a basic mapping of 47 notes
> - 46 if we count the two kicks: Acoustic Bass Drum (bda) and
> BassDrum1 (bd) for one - which follows (I think) the General Midi
> mapping.
> For Hydrogen there are only 32 notes available in a drumkit
> which begin from c1 to a4 (I'm not sure if I recall right)
> Well. Now you have started Hydrogen.
> And then Rosegarden for instance.
> You have checked out your connections in qjackctl (Alsa and audio)
> for me  in Alsa
>   3:out1-General MIDI Device -> Hydrogen Midi-in
> 	in Audio
>   Hydrogen Out_L and Out_R -> system
> and don't forget in the Hydrogen's pattern editor to press the
> little icon - a red 0 in the middle of panel RECORDING - it becomes
> completely red.
> Start your Lilypond file. You listen to your file.
> But depending of your midi file and your drumkit you are surprised with 
> the result.
> Yeah! Sometimes it's funny.
> Because there isn't a whole correspondence beetween the General Midi of
> your Lilypond midi file and the Hydrogen drumkit.
> If you're interested I've made a drumkit in two parts (in fact 2
> drumkits ) for Timidity
> Timidity-part1 = 32 notes
> Timidity-part2 = 14 remaining notes
> and a conversion of the timidity's samples in wav.
> It's a good start before you improve the quality of the samples.
> I assume you know how to install a drumkit.
> I'll can put them on my site for some days. (~7 Mo)
> Cheers.
Thanks. Would be nice if you can put that on your site.

Kind regards,

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