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Aurelien orl at ammd.net
Mon Aug 25 12:48:12 EDT 2008

Hello all,

So here it is, our studio is finally set up, and we currently are
recording two albums (Sebkah-Chott's Nigla[h] and Sebkha-Chott's De la
Persistance, released on the 30th of October by Muséa Records) on it.

Here is the stuff we have, and how the whole thing is plugged and so on.
We'll try to describe all of that on a webpage as soon as possible.

PC / Hardware:
- Proc: Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad
- Motherboard: Gigabyte P35C-DS3R
- GPU: ATI Radeon X1050
- RAM: 8Gb DDR800 - dual channel
- 1 sys HDD 80 Gb WD Caviar with 8Mb cache
- 2 data HDD 250 Gb WD Caviar with 16Mb cache striped on a RAID
- RME HDSP9652

HDDs management:
- swap is dispatched on the three HDDs with the same priority, so that
  it does swap as if there was a RAID 0 array.
- the two partitions remaining on both 250Gb HDD are striped in a RAID 0

- Debian AMD64 Lenny mixed with some 64studio packages - realtime kernel
  (compiled by ourselves)
- Ubuntu Studio 64

Softwares used:
- Ardour 2.4.1 (will change with updates) (for recording and mixing the
  whole thing)
- Rosegarden 1.7 (for playing "witness" instruments and editing
- Qsynth
- Muse (when Rosegarden has some dependancies conflicts with Ardour)
- hdspmixer and hdspconf

External hardware:
- Alesis HD24XR (which is plugged through 6 ADAT -max- to the HDSP9652,
  the worldclock is the one from the RME, it finally consists in a
  24-tracks direct-to-disk recorder)
(- Yamaha DM2000 (id.)) / not always present

- 6x TL-Audio 5001 (4x tube preamps)
- 1x TL-Audio 5051 (1x tube preamp)

- 1x Neumann TLM 103 (voice and instruments like violin, soprano
  saxophones, and so on)
- 1x Neumann KM 184 Stereo Set (over heads, very sharp in treble, nice
  to hear, used with drums, percussion, acoustic guitars, ...)
- 1x AKG C414 XLS Stereo Set (id. KM184, but a bit different)
- 1x EV RE20 (for low frequencies, like Barytone Saxophone, and so on)
- 1x Sennheiser MD421 U (for almost everything!)
- 1x Shure Beta 91 (for Kick)
- 1x Shure Beta 52 (for Kick)
- 2x Shure Beta 56 (for snares and so on)
- 6x Beyerdynamic Opus 88 (for snares and toms)

- Line 6 Pod XT Pro (bass and guitar), which are plugged through AES/EBU
  and S/PDIF inputs, avoiding a conversion.

So here it is. The only purposes of this studio is to produce FREE ARTS
and to make some LESSONS about how to use free softwares in
professionnal audio context.

Don't hesitate to ask me what you wonder!

See you.

ORL /// AMMD Booking (www.ammd.net)
	° Sebkha-Chott (www.sebkhachott.net - Ohreland [FR]) - next touring period: 04-06/2008
	° Unexpect (www.unexpect.com - Montréal [CA]) - Europe tour w/ Sebkha-Chott period: 09-12/2008
	° La Muette (www.myspace.com/muette - Paris [FR]) - next touring period: 05/2008 (Bretagne)
	° Mel-P (www.mel-p.net - Le Mans [FR]) - next touring period: 09/2008
Phone: +33 (0)2 43 52 15 77

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