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On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 21:36, Grammostola Rosea <
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> Anders Dahnielson wrote:
>> G&S Custom Work Drum Kit Sample Library is imo the best free drumkit. It's
>> a close mic'ed studio kit that is fairly all-round, basically you need to
>> treat the signal just like if you recorded a real kit (add reverbation
>> etc).
> Thanks for that suggestion(s)!
> Uh add reverbation etc. I'm not an experienced *.gig file editor.... Could
> you explain it a bit? How do I make the best free drumkit *.gig file?

LS doesn't have internal effects yet (but there will be LADSPA support in
the future -- I think), so you need to add reverb and other
effects/processing in the program you record and mix with.

Anders Dahnielson
<anders at dahnielson.com>
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